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Empowering You With Protocols and Best Practices

It is the implementation part of the process that has stymied Fair Chance businesses

In the press of commerce, even the largest business can’t sensibly take the time or divert resources to address the mechanics of their Fair Chance instincts and intentions, which would require acquiring a whole new set of expertise in any event. For example, how to make fair decisions as to what weight to give an individual’s criminal record, or in what form to assemble resulting data as to hiring and success. Not only hiring, but all aspects of Fair Chance are affected. For example, many businesses would love to participate in Fair Chance and Opportunity Job Fairs, but it is a whole other matter to organize one. 

As to job fairs or other outreach, or internships and job training, or support for the children of the incarcerated, or a whole host of other actions, businesses are crying out for a track to run on, and procedures to make it simple, workable, and effective for them. All of these concerns become quantum leaps easier with established protocols and best practices. It is a needless burden for each business to each individually be required to re-invent the Fair Chance Hiring wheel just to champion Fair Chance principles, and in the real world, that postpones or prevents meaningful progress.

Established Protocols and Best Practice

Fair Chance Alliance’s Protocols and Best Practices provide an easy to implement, proven methodology.

We explain it in your 20 page Fair Chance Alliance Report (just download the pdf)


The report includes:

The top 10 reasons

or situational certainties for the failure of Fair Chance Hiring to move the needle thus far (sadly, the data proves an almost abject failure). These include the effect of AI and hiring algorithm filters mistakenly disqualifying JII candidates without management even knowing, not knowing how to properly weigh criminal histories in context, and UX, UI hurdles.

The top 12 changes

as to applying procedural improvements (Best Practices and Protocols) and/or correcting mistaken premises, which together will empower Fair Chance Hiring businesses to massively move the needle going forward. This section includes an in depth look at the transformative thought, The standard “a fair chance to compete” [for a job] is better thought of as “a fair chance to be hired.

Fair Chance Business Pledge businesses | Implementation of Fair Chance
Fair Chance Business Pledge businesses | Implementation of Fair Chance

How the beneficial effects of 20 plus years of the Fair Chance Movement

has yielded a cultural victory, including as reflected in support from President George W. Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden, upon which we can build a flip-the-switch quantum leap change in results. The civic, faith, correctional, business communities and the public generally are demanding results. We will not let them down.

The annotated Fair Chance Alliance Best Practices and Protocols,

to give you the background and context as to how they came together. Learn why business leaders have told us, these changes put the bullets in the Fair Chance movement’s weaponry. The Fair Chance Alliance’s training protocols and Second Look, along with the central registry, turn vague good intentions into reality.


Fair Chance Business Pledge companies that follow the Protocols and Best Practices, after taking the model Fair Chance Alliance Strengthened Fair Chance Business Pledge will be a Fair Chance Alliance Accredited company and will be listed in the directory of Fair Chance Alliance Allies.

Returning citizens will know to call you first for work opportunities, the public generally will know you are the kind of business or institution they want to support. We will all know that we are working together and holding ourselves to the same metrics, the same standards. Working with the Fair Chance Ally community, the Fair Chance Alliance will keep and assemble Data, Metrics and Analytics to see how we all are doing, and allow ongoing A/B testing to constantly improve just as we all do in all aspects of our businesses or institutions.

We all want actual change, actual palpable, measurable results; walking the walk, not just talking the talk. We all want to see JII hired and prospering.That is not happening. We know it. We know how to change it. And that’s exactly what we are doing.