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Fair Chance Alliance Answered The Need

The world has changed, and the cause of fairness for justice involved folks too, much for the better, even in just the years since July 2015. Think of where the concepts of corporate social responsibility, mass incarceration concerns, body cams in law enforcement; Times Up and MeToo, were just a few years ago. Like those concepts, the landscape as to Fair Chance has gotten wider and wider purchase because it rings true and makes sense on so many levels.

One of the heroes of the Fair Chance movement, Checkr, the innovative background check giant, succinctly defined both the justice and business case of the Fair Chance Hiring aspect of the movement this way on their website:

Fair chance hiring movement is built on the premise that everyone, regardless of their background, has the right to be fairly assessed for a role they are qualified for.

Companies that practice fair chance hiring are able to tap into a larger pool of qualified, diverse talent with a wide range of experiences, better understand their customers, and ultimately, reach stronger business outcomes.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of companies, large, medium and small, that embrace the Fair Chance movement. Laws have been passed in support. California passed a Fair Chance Hiring law in 2018 with a Fair Chance Housing piece; Fair Chance Hiring and Fair Chance Housing laws have been passed in many states and jurisdictions within states, Fair Chance provisions are now Federal law too, such laws have been proposed many times and continue to be, and the movement is gaining traction every day.

Results lag intention and actions to date. The good news, with a little more thoughtful action, achieving much more massive results is within our reach. The basis for that is a Strengthened Fair Chance Pledge with Best Practices and Protocols.

Fair Chance needs to go to the next level.

The Fair Chance Alliance Answered That Need.