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Fair Chance Hiring Solutions

Fair Chance Hiring Solutions

It all begins with a business finding a worthy employee; a Justice Involved Individual finding a job.

Hundreds of thousands of businesses self-identify as Fair Chance Business Pledge businesses. Societal perceptions have moved strongly in the Fair Chance Movement’s direction.

Yet pernicious under-hiring, under-promoting, under-paying, under-understanding context prejudices continue to be reflected in the data as to actual hiring results.

There is the will, but the way was still murky.

The Fair Chance Alliance has found Fair Chance Hiring Solutions to rapidly eliminate these problems with the common-sense and business-like solutions of a Strengthened Fair Chance Business Pledge with established protocols and best practices; accreditation; and then employing data, metrics, and analytics - to see how we all are doing and to empower A/B testing for continual improvement.

This mission has been called Fair Chance For Real.

  • It has been called Fair Chance Rising.
  • It has been called Fair Chance 2.0
  • We just call it the Fair Chance Alliance.

The Fair Chance Alliance Solves Problems

Ban the Box by itself is insufficient. Even when job application forms indeed “Ban the Box”, long periods of no work or work unrelated to the job being offered or other background lacks create new obstacles. How does an applicant explain a ten-year period of no job history? Being evasive is no way to start an employee-employer relationship, is it? Being honest here, “I was in prison” defeats the “Ban the Box” effort.

Or, what about the problem, even if the job is being offered, it requires computer skills, as many higher paid jobs do? Lack of computer training is commonplace. Or let’s say a justice-involved individual had significant experience prior to incarceration but would need just a short period of remedial work to get up to speed in new programming. How does the individual communicate that to his or her potential employer? How does a ten-year history of working in the prison kitchen or the prison gym’s janitorial crew not seem disqualifying to a potential employer looking for an office worker? How does that individual compete with an applicant who can provide a robust job history?

On top of all that, AI and hiring software have filters that still kick 90% of JII applicants for gaps in employment, lack of training, lack of prior employer references, lack of on point experience. The application is kicked by software – no human being ever looks at it.

The solution is in empowering Ban the Box with two additional protocols.

 They are the gasoline in the empty tank of Fair Chance Hiring results.

The first is a Second Look protocol to serve as a safety net. 90% of the time or more a JII applicant has not been given an in-person interview because she or he has been judged by non-relevant standards – or has been rejected for a job by misapplication or fear of the relevance of the criminal history. Our best practices and protocols call for a safety net ability to flag that, so the JII candidate can be given a contextually relevant second look, and not judged merely by conventional hiring criteria.

The second is making sure the HR professional or hiring-responsible manager has been given relevant training. Hiring rejections continue to be made not only from lack of knowledge of how to assess the potential of what will turn out to be a great hire, but by giving incorrect and disqualifying weight to an in-the-present irrelevant prior conviction.

Solutions. Real life results. Competence. Outcomes. Getting it done.

Through your Fair Chance Alliance Strengthened Business Pledge with its Best Practices and Protocols, all of this is accomplished