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Now The More Than 90% Of Americans Who Support The Fair Chance Movement Will Be Assured About, And Go Looking For, Your Business. Now JII Looking For Work Will Call Your Business First

Starting July 1, 2022, Fair Chance Alliance’s website will link to our central on line accessible and searchable registry for Accredited Fair Chance Business Pledge Businesses (Accredited Fair Chance Allies).

This registry has many practical benefits for Accredited Fair Chance Ally businesses. To just name two: A continuous stream of motivated job applicants and distinguishing your business from your non Fair Chance competitors to an engaged potential customer pool.

First, more than 73% of the general public strongly believes in the Fair Chance Movement’s principles, and almost 20% more generally support them. This body of consumers has choice, when picking a grocery store, picking a dry cleaner, picking a painting company, picking a law firm, and when choosing among products. Or, for fair chance supporting executives, what business to business relationships to approve. Fair Chance Alliance will actively promote making doing business with Accredited Fair Chance Allies an important consideration.

Second, most businesses have on going or recurring hiring needs. The 70 million justice involved potential pool of hires have choice too. Fair Chance Alliance’s vetting of Allies on our registry means that a JII will know he or she will be treated fairly. There are too many horror stories shared among returning justice involved citizens about moving mountains to have 5 or 10 or more interviews with so called Fair Chance businesses, only to never get an opportunity to work; or worse, being hired, only to be told 4 or 6 weeks into your employment that the more detailed background check and review makes one ineligible to continue in the job you already have!

Accredited Fair Chance Allies on the registry will be the first calls JIIs make when looking for work. The Protocols and Best Practices you have adopted mean up to ten times the JIIs who apply will get a meaningful Second Look™. In a tight labor market and growing economy, doing the right thing as an Accredited Fair Chance Ally makes good bottom line business sense too.

In short, returning justice involved citizens will turn to the registry when looking for jobs and housing, and the larger community of consumers will consider Fair Chance principles when choosing what companies to support with their business.

Establishing Accurate Information Gathering

The Fair Chance Alliance’s Protocols and Best Practices assure, too, for the first time, that accurate data, metrics and analytics are available for all on both the micro and macro levels, supporting those Fair Chance hero companies and institutions that are getting things done, weeding out the poseurs that claim to be Fair Chance companies for their Corporate Social Responsibility credentials but actually deliver nothing of substance; permitting effectiveness today and informing policy and political action for the future.

Establishing accurate Fair Chance communication with the press

Fair Chance Alliance will make a continuing and robust effort to ferret out misinformation related to Fair Chance issues. For example, the productivity benefits of JIIs, their relative lack of turnover, the lower than even the general publics’ reoffense-as-to-serious-crime statistics are not only not often reported, the exact opposite untruths are, or are implied.

Establishing the case for laws supporting Fair Chance in communications with the political world

Not only needless, but actually destructive barriers preventing re-integration and success of returning citizens need to be addressed. The greatest sticking point is often lack of information. For example, laws allowing landlords to discriminate against not only individuals but whole families, or licensing barriers to honest work for which an individual is qualified. The data do not support that these laws protect anyone; in fact they put us all at higher risk as a society. And again, the general public is strongly in favor of Fair Chance Hiring, Housing, Training/Mentoring and Counseling. Fair Chance Alliance believes most politicians will join the Fair Chance Movement when given accurate information.

Offering FCHE™ training and certification (Fair Chance Hiring Expert)

We must root out the worst ignorance of all, mistaken beliefs we don’t question, in our own ranks before we can hope that the Fair Chance Movement can achieve its full potential. Using the rapid teaching available through a simple to use but sophisticated on-line matrix, someone with 100% knowledge can be certified (getting every question correct the first time) in less than an hour. But like most of us, even with a steep learning curve, the course of instruction will still be less than three hours total. If a candidate makes an incorrect choice, the matrix will instruct with complete data and authority, and give the correct answer. These systems are used, for example, in driving tests in state motor vehicle divisions, and in the new college application ranking systems. Fair Chance effectiveness no longer has to be a burden on each business, and certainly doesn’t have to be a guessing game.

Diligent, continuing outreach to the business community to make the business case for Fair Chance Hiring and Housing.

Closed doors put returning citizens at risk, when open doors make them productive, tax paying members of society. The burden of the first choice is dysfunction, moral holes in the fabric of our culture, and higher costs both in human terms and in fiscal terms, like taxes. The choice of open doors means increased productivity and prosperity for all, and preserves American competitiveness in the global market place. No businesswoman or man who looks at these issues draws a contrary conclusion. It is part of our mission to get the facts to those who haven’t.