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Fair Chance Alliance - Dedicated to empowering the Fair Chance Hiring

Fair Chance Hiring Successes Are More Myth Than Fact. Let’s Change That.

The Core Principles of the Fair Chance Movement

The core principles of the Fair Chance movement are culturally accomplished but functionally imperceptible, bordering on non-existent.The data are clear. In the last ten years, there has been no significant change in the under employment, difficulty in employment, under compensation, barriers to housing, recidivism rates or any other metric reflecting the burdens of reintegration of returning citizens.

When one analyzes any claim that barriers to Fair Chance Hiring are functionally removed, or even improving, the data are clear that Fair Chance Hiring successes are statistically nonexistent, despite individual stand up and cheer exceptions. Ex-offenders, JII (Justice Involved Individuals), still have an unemployment rate of over 27%, which is higher than the total US unemployment rate of any period, including the Great Depression. In sad fact, that is slightly worse over the last 10 years than previously. Even more shocking by comparison in that unemployment for the population generally is at historic lows.

What are the reasons for the level of support for Fair Chance Hiring from the public and business communities – 70%, 80%, and 90% – versus the abject lack of results – 0% improvement – in actual justice involved individuals being hiring?

The key to effective, result-oriented Fair Chance Hiring going forward is to make a track to run on for businesses easy to accomplish, where the goals are defined, the systems defined, all procedures defined. A Fair Chance Hiring business does not want to shoulder the burden of creating procedures, like how to weigh criminal records, how to apply nontraditional hiring criteria to reflect the unique backgrounds of potentially great hires in light of their prison experiences, or anything other than that reflecting an open heart and mind to the issue of providing jobs.

The Fair Chance movement is all hat and no cattle because in practical essence it asks prospective Fair Chance hirers each to independently shoulder creating an effective hiring system on their own.

That would be like the automotive industry determining that the public liked the concept of having a car to get around in, then asking each prospective car owner to build his or her car, and then a highway to drive it on.

Fair Chance Hiring is not easy nor automatic. It can be both, or, at least moved quantum leaps closer.

Shame on us if we continue to make Fair Chance Hiring murky and burdensome. No one wants to have to build a clock just to find out what time it is. Especially no one in the business community.

Together we can uncomplicate Fair Chance Hiring.
The Fair Chance Alliance has answered that need.

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Fair Chance Alliance - Dedicated to empowering the Fair Chance Hiring
Fair Chance Alliance - Dedicated to empowering the Fair Chance Hiring