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Fair Chance Alliance - Dedicated to empowering the Fair Chance Hiring

Fair Chance Business Pledge Businesses Have Led The Way, But Were Frustrated With Lack of Results.

Over 300 Organizations were Original Fair Chance Business Pledge Founding Pledge takers. A very partial list:

Higher Education Institutions: Ancilla College ● Arizona State University ● Auburn University ● Boston University ● City University of New York ● College of Saint Benedict ● Columbia University ● Cornell University ● Howard University ● New York University ● Raritan Valley Community College ● Rutgers University ● Saint John’s University ● San Francisco State University ● State University of New York ● Large Employers:  American Airlines ● Ben & Jerry’s ● Best Buy ● Busboys and Poets ● CVS Health ● Coca-Cola ● Dropbox ● Facebook ● Georgia-Pacific ● Linkedin ● Microsoft ● Starbucks ● Perdue Farms ● UnderArmour ● Walmart ● Xerox ● National Organizations:ACLU ● Catholic Charities USA ● NAACP ● Chamber of Commerce  ● Small/Medium Sized Businesses: 21 Century Tellecommunications, Inc. ● Amity Foundation ● Asian Media Access ● Brooks Lumber ● Linden Resources ● JSJ Staffing ● Glassdoor
● HopCat Detroit ● Philly Shipyard Inc.

And hundreds more, soon joined by tens of thousands and now hundreds of thousands of other Fair Chance Business Pledge businesses and institutions, large and small, committed to social responsibility and strengthening America’s competitive power in world markets.

But Fair Chance Hiring was flailing. Until now.

When Fair Chance Hires don’t happen, there is a business cost because businesses can’t find the employees they need.

But there is a human cost, too. In despair. In family pressures. In childhood lack and trauma. Instead of an opportunity to grow.

Our country loses its competitive edge from this, with billions of productivity dollars lost. Our society’s moral compass is compromised. We all lose. That stops here.