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History of the Fair Chance Movement and the Fair Chance Business Pledge.

The concept of Fair Chance has always been with us. It used to be just the way it was. It used to be called, “they’ve paid their debt to society.” It used to be called, “they’ve turned their life around.” It used to be expected. It used to be called redemption, and forgiveness. It used to be a moral imperative. It used to be called “common sense.”

That was maybe a time when we lived in smaller communities, and knew one another more. In this era, not so much. But the thought did not die. These concepts for a return to basic fairness, what President George W. Bush called American values, here “in the land of the second chance”, organically took on the Fair Chance label – Fair Chance Hiring, Fair Chance Housing, and so on. Collectively, the Fair Chance Alliance Movement.

Over time, business, academic, faith, civic, political, corrections professionals, and moral leadership individually and together, and took a more public stance in favor of Fair Chance in many forums. One definitive such moment was the offering of the Fair Chance Business Pledge in July 2015 on the White House website in the waning days of the Obama administration; a collective call to action. In the words of the White House, “The Fair Chance Business Pledge will represent the nationwide effort to take action”